Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AT-43 - Megatraveller conversion: Kolossus

The Red Blok has a slightly lower level of technology than does the UNA, so I have pegged them at TL 9. This has important implications for vehicle design, as small fusion reactors first appear at the tech level, but they are still too large for small vehicle applications. Therefore, in designing the Kolossus, the standard small mech of the Red Blok, I was compelled to use the TL 8 MHD turbine power plant. This is not a particularly limiting factor, because while the Red Blok uses a wide variety of different weapons in their striders, they do not employ beam weapons. So, power output is not a major design issue for Red Blok units.

As mentioned, the Reds use a variety of weapons. Kolossus variants can employ rocket and grenade launchers, gauss guns and even flamethowers. Not all of these weapons have been made available in Megatraveller, so some work will be needed down the road to include them. For my standard Kolossus design, I am going to arm it with two 4 cm high-velocity guns, firing KEAP rounds.

Here is my build:
CraftID: RB "Kolossus" small strider TL 9 Cr 176,000
Hull: 1/3, Disp = 1, Config = 4USL, Armour = 10D, Unloaded = 9.5 tons, Loaded = 9.9 tons
Power: 2/2, MHD turbine = 0.8 MW, Duration = 0.3/1
Loco: 2/2, Legs (x2), Road = 40 kph, OffRoad = 24 kph
Commo: MaserComm = V.Distant, Radio = Regional
Sensors: Active IR, Passive IR, Light Amp, Adv Active IR
Off/Def: HardPoints = 1
4 cm high-velocity gun (x2) w/ KEAP rds, Pen = 15, Damage = 6, Range = Distant (5), Sig = Med
Control: Computer = 0 x1, Panel = Computer link x1, Special = HeadsUp, Environ = basic env, basic ls, enhanced ls
Accomm: Crew = 1 (Operator = 1), Seats = cramped x1
Other: Cargo = 0.2 kl, Fuel = 0.28 kl, Ammo = 300, ObjSize = Small, EMLevel = Faint


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