Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mongoose Traveller, I like it, I really like it

My history with the Traveller game dates back to the release of Megatraveller. TSR had recently cancelled its Star Frontiers game and I was looking for a new game to fill my need for space adventure. A classic space game and a shiny new setting, the Shattered Imperium, seemed like the perfect fit. I picked up quite a few of the books, including some of the releases from Digest Group Publications. I liked the game, but I have to say, I didn't love it. I like a game with a lot of combat and action, but Megatraveller was too lethal to run a game like that. Many weapons in that game can kill an armoured character in one shot. On the upside, however, vehicle/spaceship design is extremely detailed and quite fun, a definite plus for a gearhead like me.

When Traveller: The New Era came out, I jumped on it. I was playing in a different city then, with a different group of gamers who were decidedly more into space games. Sadly, I was disappointed. T:TNE was an errata-ridden mess and the campaign setting was just awful. I gave away the core book and never looked back.

Fast forward to today and I find myself revisiting the Traveller game. I have started collecting Rackham's AT-43 miniatures line and I'm looking to convert the units to a tabletop rpg ruleset. Traveller seems uniquely suited to this effort. Still, the vehicle design rules are a little dated and not as ideal for building the kind of vehicles that dominate the AT-43 line. So, I picked up Supplement 6: Military Vehicles from the Mongoose Traveller. I have to say, it looks great. One innovation I particularly like is variable damage. In Megatraveller, each weapon has a fixed damage. I prefer a bit of randomness. It seems more realistic to me. Unfortunately for my bank account, I guess I will be buying Mongoose Traveller. Good thing Star Wars Saga Ed. has published its last supplement.

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