Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fire Toad rebuild

I have updated my UNA "Fire Toad" design using the Mongoose design rules. Several significant design changes are involved, the most significant being the switch from a fusion reactor to a hydrogen fuel cell. Power demands are not as severe with the new design rules and, in any case, the power output of the fuel cells is only slightly less than fusion reactors at the tech level I'm interested in. I have, once again, had to fiddle with my laser cannons to make the Fire Toad. Lasers have always been the red-headed stepchildren of the Traveller game system, chronically underpowered when compared to slugthrowers. Anyway, I upgunned the laser cannon-9, using the tech advancement rules to give the laser cannon-11 a boost to 8d6+7. They are still enormously heavy, but the 'Toad can handle the load.

So, here is the build:

UNA "Fire Toad" light strider (TL 11)
Hull: 15 m3, Standard Configuration, Crystaliron, Very Rugged, Advanced Sealed, 6/8
Drive: Walker
Power Plant: Hydrogen Fuel Cell-10, Power Output 132, Fuel Consumption: 6 per hour
Fuel: 240 litres (40 hours)
Armour: Crystaliron 24 (40/30/30/30/30/20)
laser cannon-11 (left external traversing, TL 10 stabilisation, 8d6+7)
laser cannon-11 (right external traversing, TL 10 stabilisation, 8d6+7)
Sensors: Comprehensive Compact Hardened (3 km +2 DM)
Communications: Radio 100 km, Maser 20 km
Environmental: Hostile Environment Life Support
Crew: 1
Operating Stations: 1
Cargo: 0.007 dTon
Agility: +1 DM
Speed: Cruise: 3 kph Top: 4 kph Offroad: 2 kph
Ground Pressure: 2.74

A top speed of 4 kph is a bit low even for the lumbering Fire Toad. I don't have any volume left to upsize my power plant, however, so I have to get the weight down. I have to tweak the lasers some more. They are too heavy.


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