Monday, May 10, 2010

ONI Corp in the Septimus future

Although most of Asia has fallen under the control of the Red Blok, two prominent exceptions remain, Japan and India. Though both countries maintain good relations with the UNA, they realize the limits of those relations. The UNA simply will not contribute greatly to the defense of either state. As such, India and Japan have formed a defensive alliance to deter Red Blok aggression. A lucrative arms industry has grown out of that alliance and the most prominent of the arms manufacturers is ONI Corporation. With its head office in Kyoto and major facilities in New Delhi, Mumbai and Osaka, ONI has become the largest single corporate entity on the planet. Besides providing for the massive military needs of the Indo-Japanese alliance, they also provide arms to the UNA, the Europeans and the Australians. In addition, they have adapted their considerable technological prowess to the construction of starship components for the UNA. In fact, there are persistent rumours that ONI actually maintains an extrasolar colony somewhere, known only to a hand-picked elite of scientists, politicians and company men. Among the more feverish conspiracy theorists, there are even suggestions that ONI's rapid rise to power has resulted from access to a secret cache of alien technology or even contact with an intelligent alien race.



Little Tayloritos said...

this blog a lot Rognar
i like where you are going with the ideas
i am interested in playing again..
i wont leave half way through the campaign so if its okay with you do you think i could play in this campaign.
it really cool how you have incorporated all the at-43 in the setting

Little Tayloritos said...

i have been following this blog a lot****

Rognar said...

Always welcome, W. How's the gf?

Little Tayloritos said...

shes good
thanks for asking