Monday, June 29, 2009

Fading Suns and d6 Metaphysics Reboot

After some deliberation, I have decided that theurgy and psi are sufficiently different in the Fading Suns campaign setting that I have to deal with them separately. To start, rather than treating all supernatural abilities under the umbrella term of "Metaphysics", the will be separate "Psi" and "Theurgy" categories. Therefore, instead of having a single Metaphysics attribute, there will be both Psi and Theurgy attributes. The player will decide which attribute his character will have. The skills, sense, channel and transform will remain in place under the Psi attribute, while the Theurgy attribute will have divination, favour and strife skills instead (derived from the Miracles section of d6 Fantasy). Everything written so far about psychic abilities remains valid, but a duplicate set of rules will be derived for theurgy. The rules presented earlier dealing with the use and recovery of Wyrd points and Wyrd Tabernacles remains valid for theurgy. Also, theurgists may use holy relics or fetishes which serve to focus their power in much the same way as the psi lens works for psychics and Anunnaki artifacts also function identically for theurgists. A ruleset for dealing with Hubris (the theurgical counterpart to Urge) will be forthcoming.


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