Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fading Suns and d6 Space Metaphysics Pt.2

The Fading Suns campaign setting introduces two concepts related to the use of psychic powers which do not have an equivalent in the d6 system, Wyrd and Urge. The former is the source of psychic energy used to power psychic manifestations and the latter is a sort of corruption or taint that can afflict a psychic if he uses his abilities for nefarious purposes. These two concepts are pretty fundamental to the Fading Suns setting, so I will undertake to come up with rules to include them in my d6 conversion. I will start with Wyrd because that is pretty straightforward. A psychic or theurgist will receive 10 Wyrd points for each die of Metaphysics he has and 3 for each pip. He will receive an additional 3 Wyrd points for each die has in any of the three Metaphysical skills and 1 for each pip. Therefore, 2D+2 in Metaphysics would be worth 26 Wyrd points and 1D+1 in the transform skill would be worth an additional 4 Wyrd points.

The expenditure of Wyrd points is based on the difficulty modifier of the manifestation. For every 5 points of difficulty (rounded up), the manifestation costs the psychic or theurgist 1 Wyrd point.

Wyrd points are recovered at a rate of 5 per hour of restful sleep or 1 per hour of light activity.


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