Monday, May 25, 2009

Fading Suns and d6 Space Metaphysics Pt.1

The Space d6 system doesn't have alternate forms of supernatural power the way Fading Suns does with Psi and Theurgy. All such powers are wrapped up under the banner of Metaphysics. Therefore, I will not create a Theurgist template as distinct from the Psychic. Such a distinction can exist in game terms by tinkering with the difficulty modifiers of manipulations. Fading Suns describes psychic powers as being more personal, while theurgical powers are more communal. So, I will add a new target size aspect, namely "Self", and give it a difficulty modifier of 0 for psychics and +2 for theurgists. The current "Person" target size aspect will apply to a single individual, other than the one creating the manipulation. "Person" and all other target size aspects denoting other people will have a difficulty modifier +1 higher for psychics. I will also make the difficulty modifier for range "Self" -2 (the same as "Touching") for psychics. It will remain 0 for theurgists. Beyond these changes, the Psychic template can be applied to Theurgists as well since they are subjected to the same restrictions and limitations as Psychics.


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