Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fading Suns d6 Melee Weapons

Most melee weapons in Fading Suns are constructed of hephaestium as normal steel weapons would harmlessly bounce off modern combat armour. Also, the incredible strength and hardness of the alloy allows it to hold a far keener edge than normal steel blades. Of course, peasants and yeomen would be limited to owning steel weapons, which work equally well against lightly armoured opponents. Assume the same stats for steel weapons against opponents wearing plasteel, polymer knit and leather. Vibro-blades cannot be constructed of steel. Below are listed the most common melee weapons including damage and difficulty of purchase.

sword, dueling +2D E
vibro-sword, dueling +3D M

sword, broad +2D+1 E
vibro-sword, broad +3D+1 M
sword, two-handed +3D+1 E
vibro-sword, two-handed +4D+1 M
battleaxe +3D+2 E
vibro-battleaxe +5D M
dagger +1D VE
vibro-dagger +2D M
cestus +1D E

truncheon +1D+1 E
flux sword +6D VD

The cestus is employed using the Brawling skill, rather than Melee Combat.

The flux sword is based on the same technology as the blaster, consisting of a magnetically-contained "blade" of plasma. Like the blaster, it incorporates Vautech and the secrets to its construction are known to very few. It does energy damage.

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