Friday, May 22, 2009

Fading Suns d6 character template 1 - The Noble

The d6 system utilizes the concept of character templates to construct any sort of character. This is quite handy as it allows a starting point from which to flesh out a build and it allows a GM to enforce a certain amount of conformity on the characters in his campaign. In light of this, I will be creating a series of templates for the standard Fading Suns character types. Not wanting to completely tie the hands of the players, however, there will be a certain number of dice left open to allow some customization.

A starting character has 18 dice to spend on attributes. The attributes are Agility, Strength, Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, Technical and Metaphysics. Typically, only Psychics and Theurgists will assign dice to Metaphysics. The maximum allowable for human characters in any attribute is 5 dice. There are also 7 dice to spend on skills and advantages. This small number of additional dice represents a certain level of specialization within the larger subset of skills associated with each attribute. In each template, I will assign 16 of the 18 attribute dice and 5 of the 7 skill dice. The remaining two in each category will be left to the player to assign. The player will also have the option of taking up to 3 dice in disadvantages which can then be assigned as desired, keeping in mind that no skill can have more than 3 dice to start. Additionally, a die can be divided up into pips. There are 3 pips to a die and can be assigned as either a +1 and a +2 modifier or 3 +1 modifiers. So, let us proceed with the first template, the Noble.

Agility 3D
Strength 3D
Knowledge 2D
Mechanical 2D
Perception 4D
Technical 2D
Metaphysics 0D

Authority (R1)
Wealth (R1)


House Hawkwood
command 1D
persuasion 1D
melee combat 1D

House Hazat
command 1D
tactics 1D
melee combat 1D

House Decados
con 1D
persuasion 1D
melee combat 1D

House Li Halan
artist 1D
persuasion 1D
willpower 1D

House al-Malik
artist 1D
persuasion 1D
sneak 1D

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