Friday, May 15, 2009

Fading Suns Campaign - The Race for Aspiration

The Merchant League has acquired a jumpkey to a Lost World deep in Kurgan space. Information acquired by the spy who stole the key indicates that the planet is inhospitable and uninhabited, but that an old Second Republic research facility exists there. The Emperor is known to have a jumpkey to the system and it is highly probable that the Caliph has one too. Given that this world is in Kurgan space, it is unclear why the Caliph hasn't already secured it, but we do know that House Hazat and the Avestites are vigorously pushing the Emperor to authorize a major crusade to take the system before the Caliph does. This could precipitate a major war over a planet which may not have anything of value on it. We need a small group to covertly travel into the Caliphate and find a way to get to this newly uncovered system. Find out why the Kurgans haven't yet claimed it and what, if anything, remains of the facility on the planet. This is a joint League/al-Malik venture of utmost secrecy. We are looking for highly-capable volunteers to undertake this dangerous mission.



Obiri said...

So I, um, found a ton of Fading Suns pdfs and they look interesting.

A cursory glance didn't exactly make me an expert in the system but there were lots of interesting character inspiring feats which is a requirement.

Never having played I'm going to guess the standard adventuring party has these archtypes: The talker, the killer, the fixer and the pilot.

Am I off?

Rognar said...

The talker is key in this game. Being able to fight your way out of a tough situation is important, but knock-down, D&D-style slugfests are a surefire recipe for TPK in Fading Suns. The power of the Church and the noble houses is just to great to take them on in a serious manner.

Obiri said...

I noticed that many many classes get tons of bonus social feats. I guess I can see why now.

Rognar said...

I should say it is possible to have a combat-heavy Fading Suns campaign, but you need to be in the employ of a powerful patron, such as a noble house and you have to be on a world in which your patron has considerable influence. An example would be working for House Hazat on Hira. The Hazats are trying to wipe out the last remnants of Kurgan influence on Hira, so there is a lot of opportunity for righteous bloodshed.

Obiri said...

I actually have a cool character idea for this campaign but I have no idea what class I'd use or anything else.

Noble might be the closest fit but doesn't really seem suitable. I'll have to go through the classes again.

The idea will actually work best if a second player wants to buy into my theme.

Rognar said...

The Noble and the Guilder are very similar. It's really a difference of allegience. Alternatively, if you want a character that's a bit on the shady side, but still has social skills, the Knave might fit the bill.