Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fading Suns d6 Guns

What follows is a list of ranged weapons which fall under the Firearms skill. After the name of the weapon is the damage, Short/Medium/Long range brackets, the no. of shots/rounds in a standard magazine and the difficulty of purchase. Note that shotgun damage decreases with each range bracket.

Light pistol 3D 10/20/50 8 E
Medium pistol 4D 10/20/50 15 M
Heavy pistol 4D+2 10/20/50 8 M
Holdout pistol 2D+1 8/15/30 3 M
Sub-machine gun (A) 4D 10/20/40 30 D
Laser pistol 3D+1 10/30/100 10 M
Palm laser 2D 8/25/50 3 D
Blaster pistol 5D 10/20/40 10 VD

Light rifle 3D 20/80/200 10 VE
Medium rifle 4D+1 20/100/300 10 E
Heavy rifle 5D+1 20/100/500 8 M
Assault rifle (A) 5D+1 20/40/300 30 D

Machine gun (A) 6D 20/50/500 100 VD
Light shotgun 3D/2D/1D+1 10/20/40 5 VE
Heavy shotgun 4D+2/3D+1/2D+1 10/20/40 5 E
Laser rifle 4D 20/100/1000 10 D

Pulse laser rifle 5D 20/100/1000 5 VD
Blaster rifle 6D+1 15/30/100 10 VD

Heavy blaster rifle 8D 15/30/150 H
Flamegun 6D 8/15/30 10 D

Attack Modifiers: Att Mod/Dmg Mod
Single Shot 0/0
Burst (3 rd) +1D/+1D
Full Auto (10 rd) +2D/+2D
Sweep (10 rd) +2D/-3D

Only weapons with (A) designation can perform Burst, Full Auto and Sweep options. Sweep attacks affect up to 1D targets within a 45 degree arc in front of attacker. Point Blank range (0-3 m) gives a Diff mod of -5, Short is 0, Medium is +5 and Long is +10. The use of a scope gives a +2 bonus to attacks at Medium and Long range

The pulse laser uses a special capacitor to build up more power. It uses twice as much energy for each shot and will overheat on a critical failure requiring a round to cool down.

A word on blasters, in Fading Suns, they more closely resemble the Phased Plasma Guns (PPGs) of Babylon 5 than the blasters of Star Wars. They incorporate some Vautech in their design and are, therefore, difficult for most weaponsmiths to even understand, let alone manufacture.

The flamegun is the preferred weapon of the Avestites. Though clumsy and heavy, its purifying flames cleanse the sins of the wicked as it sends them to the Light. Anyone hit by a flamegun takes an additional 4D of fire damage the following round.


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