Monday, May 25, 2009

Fading Suns d6 character template 4 - The Psychic

The Psychic template is more complicated than the previous ones provided, because psychic powers in general are outlawed by the Church. However, it is possible for psychics to operate somewhat freely if they submit to the Church and work on its behalf. This situation can be accounted for by the inclusion of appropriate Disadvantages in the template. It should be noted that most Church psychics are either Amaltheans or Eskatonics fighting the Symbiots. The different options are described below.

Agility 2D
Strength 2D
Knowledge 2D
Mechanical 2D
Perception 3D
Technical 2D
Metaphysics 3D



Enemy (R2) (Outlaw psychic)
Devotion (R2) (Church psychic)


Outlaw psychic
channel 3D

sense 1D
transform 1D
sneak 2D

Church psychic (Amalthean)
channel 1D
sense 2D
transform 2D
medicine 2D

Church psychic (Eskatonic)
channel 2D
sense 2D
transform 1D
survival 1D
sneak 1D

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